Mechanical Design Engine (MDE)

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Title: Mechanical Design Engine
Developed in: Unity 3D
Role: Programmer
Team size: 3

Working in a team of 3, I was the programmer. We had the chance to work with Canon and their MREAL headset in which you work in Unity 3D to bring you a mixed reality experience.

For this project, we focused on making an engine that designs factory robots. How it works is that you will be able to import your models from Maya, 3dmax or any 3d modeling tool and import it into Unity. When imported, it will get set up to detect any joint those parts can have. The goal is to build your robot piece by piece and take a close look at what you created. The purpose of this is to cut manufacturing cost and time. With this engine, you will be able to make many iterations of your robot and make it look however you want it to.