Title: Shifting Sands

Developed in: Unreal 4

Timeline: 4 months

Role: Programmer

Shifting Sands is a turn based tactical combat and resource management game set on post human earth after all the water has dried up. The player controls a mobile oil rig that is attempting to fulfill its programming and return oil to humanity. The player traverses a procedurally generated landscape, overcomes enemies in strategic turn-based combat, gathers resources, and upgrades the rig and units in order to escape the planet.

Fog of War


fog of war tile

When a unit make a move it reveals tiles that were once hidden depending on that units vision range.

End Turn


First checks to see if it’s the enemy turn. Every time an enemy unit has no more action point  it resets it’s action points for the next enemy turn. Once all the enemy units have gone and can no longer perform any action, it goes back to being the players turn.

Tile Check

walk to tile

walk to tile 2

When the player click on the tile it will check if there is any other unit on top of that tile and lets it know if it can move there or not.

Player Death

Check to see if the player is dead. Same goes for when you are in combat.


Options Menu